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Amplifi System Soap and Cleaner Usage

Where and how is soap and detergent solution added to the Amplifi System? Should the detergent bottle be emptied after use/for storage? Should only certain brands be used?

Please be aware that chemicals could cause burns resulting in death, serious injury and/or property damage.

  • Always wear indirect vented (chemical splash) safety goggles marked to comply with ANSI z87.1 when using chemicals.

  • DO NOT substitute safety glasses or dry-condition goggles for indirect vented safety goggles.

  • DO NOT use caustic liquid with Hose Powering System.

  • Use ONLY pressure washer safe soap/detergent. Follow all manufacturer instructions.

To add detergent, follow these steps:

  1. Review the use of multi nozzle as described in your Amplifi Operator’s Manual.

  2. Prepare your detergent solution as required by job to be performed.

  3. Rotate sprayer bottle 90 degrees counter-clockwise and pull from spray gun.

  4. Fill bottle with detergent solution.

  5. Place suction hose back into sprayer bottle.

  6. Replace bottle onto sprayer body and rotate 90 degrees clockwise until it clicks into place.

  7. Squeeze trigger to spray water only. Press the red button to pump detergent into the water stream. NOTICE: Trigger must be pressed along with the red button to apply detergent.

After use, flush detergent bottle by removing it from spray gun, pouring out all remaining solution, and rinsing the detergent bottle out with fresh clean water.

For complete information, please view your Amplifi Operator’s Manual or the Amplifi Cleaning Website.

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