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Amplifi System Draining Recommendations

Do I have to drain the hose or system to maintain it properly?

Water should not remain in the unit for long periods of time. Sediments or minerals can deposit on pump parts and “freeze” pump action.

Initial Storage Procedures

  1. Flush detergent bottle by removing it from spray gun and pouring out all remaining solution.

  2. Rinse detergent bottle out with fresh clean water.

  3. Run the Hose Powering System with the "Power Jet" high pressure nozzle selected. Flush for one or two minutes.

  4. Press the master ON/OFF switch to the OFF (O) position. Remove power cord plug from electrical outlet.

  5. Turn off water supply. Point gun in a safe direction, disengage trigger lock and squeeze trigger to relieve trapped pressure. After a few moments, release trigger on spray gun.

  6. Disconnect garden hose from the water supply and the Hose Powering System. Disconnect pressure hose from the pump and the spray gun.

  7. Drain water from hoses and spray gun, then use a cloth or equivalent to wipe off all exterior surfaces.

  8. Ensure that inlet and outlet hoses are disconnected from the pump. Then drain water from pump by tipping unit upside down.

For complete storage procedures, please view your Amplifi Operator’s Manual.

For additional information, please visit the Amplifi Cleaning Website.

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