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2-Cycle Engine Identification and Oil Mix Ratio Information

Is this a 2-cycle engine? How much oil should be added to the gasoline?

The vast majority of engines Briggs & Stratton manufactures are 4-cycle engines; these engines DO NOT use an oil/gas mix.

The easiest way to determine if an engine is a 2-cycle or 4-cycle would be the number and type of fill ports on the engine. If the engine has a single fill port2 Cycle Fuel/Oil Fill Cap
2-Cycle Gas/Oil Fill Cap
for both the oil and gas, the engine is a 2-cycle. If the engine has two fill ports, one for gasFuel Tank Cap
Fuel Cap
and another separate fill for oilOil Fill Cap Examples Quad Pano
Examples of Oil Fill Caps
, the engine is a 4-cycle.

The following 2-cycle (stroke) engine series were provided to equipment manufacturers until about 1991:

  • 62030 to 62033
  • 95700 to 95799
  • 96700 to 96799

In addition, Briggs & Stratton has recently begun manufacturing the following model series for 2-cycle snow engines:

  • 84100
  • 84200
  • 84300

For more information on finding your model number, please visit our Identify Your Model Number page.

2-Cycle Engine Oil

For equipment powered by a 2-cycle engine, the correct oil/gas ratio can be obtained in your equipment's Operator Manual. The following chart provides two common ratios used in 2-cycle Briggs & Stratton engines:

50:1 Ratio

Gasoline 1 Gallon 2 Gallons 3 Gallons 4 Gallons 5 Gallons
2 Cycle Oil 2.6 US Oz. 5.1 US Oz. 7.7 US Oz. 10.2 US Oz. 12.8 US Oz.

32:1 Ratio

Gasoline 1 Gallon 2 Gallons 3 Gallons 4 Gallons 5 Gallons
2 Cycle Oil 4.0 US Oz. 8.0 US Oz. 12.0 US Oz. 16.0 US Oz. 20.0 US Oz.

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