Synthetic Oil - 32 Fl. oz. (100074WEB)

Synthetic Oil 100074WEB

Part Number: 100074WEB

SAE 5W30 Using Synthetic oil offers better wear control of your engine, even under severe operating conditions. Since synthetics have better "inherent strength" they have the ability to keep functioning at the highest level for the longest possible time.

Synthetic Oil gives your engine better viscosity temperature response, better low temperature fluidity, better thermal stability better oxidation stability, lower volatility, better deposit control, and better wear control.

This in return reduces risk of equipment failure, promotes trouble free operation, reduces maintenance costs, extends service life, and long term engine durability.

Briggs & Stratton's best engine oil, warranty certified, for all small 4 cycle engines. The use of this high quality detergent oil assures compliance with Briggs & Stratton warranty requirements regarding the use of appropriate oil.

32 fl. oz.

Briggs & Stratton Genuine Part
Designed specifically for our engines and can save on costly repairs while maintaining valuable warranty coverage.

Assembled Weight 1.9299999
Engine Brand Briggs & Stratton


1–4 of 4 Questions  
    1. We recommend a synthetic 5W30 to be used.

    1. You will want to use the synthetic oil for a standby generator.

    1. The Briggs & Stratton engines require a 5 to 8 hour break in period. Once this period is complete you can switch to a synthetic.

  1. 1 answers
    1. According to your engine's operators manual, you can use either a synthetic 5W30 or a standard 10W30. Both will work in your engine. Please note that each oil works best at a certain ambient temperature.

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