OHV Engine Instructor's Reference

Part Number: CE3094

The information on this CD will provide instructors with basic techniques needed to teach small engine technology. There are two methods enclosed for teaching the course curriculum. The first method, developed by a High School teacher with over 30 years of experience, utilizes a complete lesson plan for an 8-9 week class taught at the appropriate level.The second method can utilize the additional information on this CD. These materials will be helpful for a class that is giving an overview of small engines, versus a full semester class. This includes a detailed step-by-step teardown script for the Model 12 OHV horizontal crankshaft engine, PowerPoint slides, course outline and photo library to create customized slides.
The information on this course is based upon the Briggs & Stratton Model 126000 Series OHV Horizontal engine.

Used in Training Kits: CE9001, CE9028, CE9040, CE9041

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