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Choose a Pressure Washer for Your Cleaning Projects

Duty Level Wondering which pressure washer is best for you? Or how to power wash a car? Pressure washers are categorized in groups based upon frequency of use and the types of products/surfaces they are best suited for pressure washer cleaning. Selecting the best pressure washer for your needs depends on the answers to the following questions: 

● What are you going to power wash? 

● How much time do you want to spend pressure washing? 

● How often are you going to use your pressure washer for cleaning?

Pressure Washer by Type & PSI

» Light Duty Pressure Washer (1200 - 1900 PSI)

Light Duty

» Medium Duty Pressure Washer (1950 - 2600 PSI )

Medium Duty

» Heavy Duty Pressure Washer (2650 - 3800 PSI)

Heavy Duty
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