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Pressure Washers

Pressure washers can be used for anything from cleaning your car, to cleaning your patio, to removing dirt and paint from your house in preparation for re-painting. Not only do pressure washers make cleaning quicker and easier, they save water since they only take about 1/5 the water a garden hose would use to do the same job.

Pressure Washer How To

Choose a Pressure Washer for Your Cleaning Projects

Pressure washers are categorized in groups based upon frequency of use and the types of products/surfaces they are best suited for cleaning. Selecting the right pressure washer for your needs depends on the answers to the following questions: What are you going to clean? How much time do you want to spend? How often are you going to clean?

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Why Is The Engine So Important?

The engine that powers your portable generator plays a pivotal role in product performance as well as the user experience over the life of your generator. Choose a trusted name like Briggs & Stratton, and you can rest assure that your engine is: easy to start; powerful, durable and reliable; rated to meet or exceed environmental standards; and backed by experienced service engine dealers worldwide.

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Learn to Clean

Ever wondered how to use a pressure washer to clean a deck? How about a car? A birdbath? Whatever the project, we have a video how-to to show you the proper cleaning techniques.

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Safety First

Before starting any pressure-washing project, it is important to take the time to properly prepare the work site, and consider some of the following safety tips.

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What Are All These Terms?

PSI. GPM. Learn the meaning behind all of the terms and specs used to describe a pressure washer.

Glossary Of Terms

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