• If heavy #snowfall is forecasted, start #shoveling or snow blowing before it accumulates to 6 in. to make it easier on yourself. #ProTip

  • “Those 11hp vertical shaft Briggs motors are indestructible!! Original motor, 1978 11hp JCPenney Garden Tractor” @stratostar250

  • Creaky door? Grab some petroleum jelly and spread it on the hinges. Move the door a few times so the jelly really coats it. #ProTip

  • "Luna wants to know when I'm going to finish these #Briggs Model A's!" – Jesse B.

  • "Luna wants to know when I'm going to finish these Briggs Model A's!" – Jesse B.

  • This #ValentinesDay #weekend, show your spouse you care by helping around the house:

  • Don't struggle to start power equipment, safeguard small engines against common ethanol problems w/ fuel stabilizer:

  • Another piece of history from @brandon07s!

  • If you need to clear a #snowblower clog, DO NOT use your hands. No clearing tool? Use a dowel or piece of wood. #ProTip

  • We wish we could tell you more! #ComingSoon #EngineEnvy

  • "Respected power is synonymous with the name Briggs & Stratton." #EnginesMatter #TBT

  • How many Briggs & Stratton engines are in your #garage or #shed?

  • What have you always wanted in your dream #home?

  • We wish we could tell you more! ;) #ComingSoon #EngineEnvy

  • Looking for your #snow blower's operator's manual? You've read the right tweet! Click here to get started:

  • Briggs & Stratton Delivers Both in One New Engine Innovation When it comes to making decisions about features and benefits of whatever I buy, I don’t want to make trade-offs. I’m sure that many ho...

  • Briggs & Stratton genuine parts and @fillitwithbillet keep these model 28s alive!

  • Remember: Take It Outside! Never run your portable generator inside or near windows. When you take it outside, you distance yourself from the dangers of carbon monoxide. For more tips: (Credit: PGMA)

  • Go ahead, push our buttons.

  • Powering @97chev’s excursion through a Winter Wonderland!

  • Time to test your generator knowledge, gear heads! Who knows the year of this classic machine submitted to us from our friend Chris H.?

  • Making your winter easier: #BriggsandStratton

  • Safety is paramount when operating a snow blower. Arm yourself with this safety refresher to ensure you remove snow in an efficient way. Click here for detailed tips:

  • In some areas of the U.S. you may not have had the chance to use your snow blower much, but that can change in a blink of an eye. If you haven’t used your snow blower yet this season, you may ne...

  • #PunxsutawneyPhil predicted any early spring! But our view looks more like @shaunaustinford’s. What are your predictions, early spring or long winter?

  • Did you hear? Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, which means an early spring! Who’s ready to tune up their Briggs-powered mower? #GroundhogDay

  • You gave us some awesome snow blower names – As our friends in the Midwest prep for another blizzard, let us know which snow blower you think would come out on top!

  • The new P2200 powering up some sweet fun at the Reese's senior bowl!

  • The new P2200 powered up at the Reese's Senior Bowl!

  • @rushbransonsm is ready to ride!

  • "Restoration project begins on a 1928 Briggs FH." – Vincent O.

  • @czrsancheezy uncovering buried treasure!

  • January 26 is National Spouse Day and there are many ways to show your spouse how much they mean to you. Helping out around the house is a great way to show you care. We’ve come up with a few DIY hous...

  • In areas of the country where heavy snowfall is a winter norm, the snow removal effort can be physically demanding. Sometimes it can be so demanding that each year many snow removal related injuries a...

  • So you think you’re ready to buy a home? Before you sign up for one of the biggest and most exciting investments of your life, it’s important to consider a few things to make sure you̵...

  • By the time the great snowstorm of the northeast ended on October 30, 2011, more than three million customers found themselves without power. Snow piled up across the northeast, with places like Plain...

  • From the time you got your drivers’ license you’ve likely been pumping gas into a car, but how often do you think about your technique and safety at the pump? Hopefully you know you shouldn’t smoke wh...

  • Did you make a resolution at midnight? Maybe you want to get fit, travel more or just enjoy life to the fullest. But did you consider a resolution for your home? Your home environment can play just as...

  • It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m sure you’re hustling through work so you can get home and dress up for that big party. Or maybe you’re happier to have a quiet evening with friends and family. Whatever you...

  • We love getting feedback from our consumers. So much so that we went and asked people what they thought at an event in Phoenix earlier this year. As we near the end of the year, I wanted to see what o...

  • There are pros and cons to scalping your lawn. Read up on everything you need to know so you can make the best decision for your grass! #SummerLawnCare #GreenGrass #LawnMaintenance

  • Look no further, we've got the remedy for your lackluster lawn. Check out these 7 tips and you'll be well on your way to that picture-perfect yard in no time! #YardWork #LawnTips #LawnCare

  • If your lawn is failing when it should be thriving, check out these great tips on fixing patchy growth spots on your lawn! #LawnCare #LawnMaintenance #KeepItGreen

  • Want to tackle that outdoor cleaning project before summer #BBQ season? Try our pressure washer selector tool to see the best power washers for your needs!

  • If your lawn needs rescued, we've got the remedies. Here are 7 awesome ideas to save your lawn! #LawnCareTips #LawnRemedies #HealthyLawn

  • Need help identifying some of the seasonal pests that are making a mess of your lawn? Check out this informative post from +Lawn Master Inc, which gives you a creative tip on flushing out those pests so you can identify them (hint: dishwater test)!

  • Today we're serving up a serious dose of lawn striping yard envy. Just look at those perfectly straight, perfectly cut lines! Tag us in your pictures and show us what you've got! #YardEnvy #LawnStriping #LawnMowing

  • Roughing it is over-rated! With our portable generators for #camping & #tailgating, you can enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts of home.

  • To get that lush, green lawn, you have to put in the work. Check out these components of a healthy yard, and start transforming yours today! #LawnCare #YardWork #GreenGrass

  • Grub infestation ruining your lawn? Don't worry, this post provides everything you need to know about how to manage this lawn pest! #LawnCare #YardMaintenance #Pests

  • Mow 'N' Stow™ Lawn Mower Engine Technology: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • EXi “Never Change Oil” Mower Engine: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • InStart™ Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower Engine: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • QPT™ Quiet Lawn Mower Engine Put to the Test in Pheonix, AZ

  • EXi Lawn Mower Innnovation

  • InStart™ IS Electric Start Lawn Mowers

  • Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series Engine

  • 550-2100 Series™ General Purpose Engines

  • 750-2100 Snow Series™

  • An In-Depth Look at Torque Ratings on Engines with Briggs & Stratton

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04 Feb 2016

Plan Now for These 3 Pressure Washer Spring Cleaning Projects

Briggs & Stratton offers homeowners a few project thought-starters well ahead of the spring cleaning season to help spur cleaning ideas and maximize productivity in homes across the country.

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26 Jan 2016

Vanguard EFI Featured in Green Industry Pros.

The Vanguard EFI lineup is expanding and was recently featured in the January 2016 issue of Green Industry Pros.
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25 Jan 2016

Diesel Progress Showcases Vanguard EFI Engines

Vanguard continues to increase their vertical and horizontal shaft EFI Engine lineup focusing on both turf and commercial applications.
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14 Jan 2016

Briggs & Stratton Introduces New P2200 PowerSmart Series™ Inverter Generator with Parallel Capabilities

Briggs & Stratton® introduces the new P2200 PowerSmart Series™ inverter generator. Equipped with parallel capabilities, it can be tethered together with either a second P2200 or a P3000 inverter for additional quiet, consistent power.
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15 Dec 2015

Survey Reveals More Than Half of Homeowners Don't Think Their Home Has A Lot of Curb Appeal

Recent survey from Briggs & Strattonrevealed 65 percent of homeowners who have a lawn say their home’s yard/lawn had a lot/some influence on their home-buying decision.
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