• Have an awesome weekend, #yardwarriors! Let's see some pics of your lawn greening up!

  • You buy a snowblower and you want it to last years. Here are some tips to help you achieve #ENGINEenvy status:

  • We love to see your restorations. Check out our Facebook fan, Caleb’s 1979 4hp Briggs engine! Lookin' sharp! Be sure to tag us or use the hashtag #BriggsandStratton to be featured for our #FanShareFridays. #eninge #smallengines #manufacturing #engineenvy #briggsbest #madeinusa #engines #lawncare #lawn #grass #rebuild #restoration #vintage #antique

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  • RT @ConsumerReports: The latest in #lawnmower technology: #home @briggsstratton

  • The true secret to banishing weeds, they say, is to grow such healthy grass that it chokes out the invaders naturally

  • Small garage, but need a solid lawnmower? Enter the @TheToroCompany's Recycler feat. our #MowNStow technology. #BriggsBest

  • Smart man, good sir. RT @Leegoss2: @BriggsStratton getting the equipment ready to roll

  • #TGIF, guys. What are your plans for this weekend?

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  • With various snow pants and shovels strewn about, tracks of sludge and a mound of salt-stained boots guarding the door, for months each year I patiently tolerate our garage’s winter mess, waiting for ...

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  • RT @lawnmowerhosp: Tell me again... how many wheels drive? ALL OF THEM ! ! ! ! New @TheToroCompany AWD powered by @BriggsStratton http:/…

  • #TBT to 1958, when the Kool Bore engine was a model for more stronger, cooler-running innovations to come. #EnginesMatter #classic #eninge #briggsandstratton #smallengines #manufacturing #engineenvy #briggsbest #madeinusa #engines #lawncare #lawn #grass #springtime #spring #vintage #antique #vintageengines

  • The start of tailgate season is right around the corner. What is your secret to a great pregame celebration? Ours is the P3000!

  • Nicer weather? So much more time for activities! Bring along your #briggsandstratton P3000 Portable Inverter to help power all of your outdoor adventures. #baseballseason #tailgating #camping #picnics #outdoors #concerts #power #portable #technology #outdoorlifestyle #outdoorliving #outdooradventures #quiet #generator #briggsbest #innovation

  • Hey #Yardwarriors, what are we looking at inside one of our Vanguard Engines?

  • Before you mow this season, read up on Consumer Reports tips for making sure your mower is in prime condition to tackle your lawn.

  • Pressure washers are the key to outdoor spring cleaning! Learn all the ways you can spruce up around the house, power washing the windows, car & patio!

  • If your winter was like mine, your snow blower saw plenty of use. Between big snow storms and day-to-day touchups from drifts and small snow falls, it felt like I would never part with this beloved p...

  • Fold it. Flip it. Store it. It’s that simple! Just 3 easy steps to make spring cleaning your garage easier. Find the Briggs and Stratton Mow N Stow #engine on the SmartStow Recycler from @thetorocompany at your local @homedepot

  • The #MowNStow is so easy, even giant mascots can do it!

  • Check out @darkjediohio’s Briggs and Stratton #minibike engine. We love those #spring colors!

  • Now that the #snow has melted away, it's time to think #spring #lawn maintenance! Read this post for 22 year-round lawn care tips for a strong, healthy yard all year long!

  • Looking to get a beautiful, lush #lawn without a lot of fuss? Read this post for 6 low-maintenance ideas for your #yard this #spring!

  • Anxiously awaiting the arrival of #spring? Us too! In the meantime, check out this informative infographic on how to maintain your #lawn and #mower - you'll be glad you did!

  • The day has come! Spring has officially arrived here in the U.S. and we are so pumped for the start of #MowingSeason!

  • Time to start finding your summer DIY project! David's going to restore his 1980 5hp. What vintage engine will you be working on this year? #EngineIsEverything

  • ‘Tis the season for lawn care! OK, maybe not quite yet, at least here in Wisconsin. But I was reminded this week when we took some of our new innovations to Phoenix that parts of this country are firi...

  • Life can be unpredictable, but starting your engine shouldn't be. #BriggsBest

  • grass that is! Make sure you are preparing your lawn mower properly, more green will be here before you know it!

  • Are you lucky enough to own a Briggs? Tell us why a Briggs & Stratton is your engine of choice and you could win $100!

  • Yes, we are just two months into the new year, and many of us have likely let our resolutions slip through our fingers already. That doesn’t have to be the case when setting this year’s go...

  • Rosie would #NeverChange this view! One week left, don't miss your chance to win! Share a photo of something that you would like to never change with the hashtag #NeverChange for a chance to win $2,500 and your own EXi-powered lawn mower! Enter before March 23 for a chance to win! (Link in profile)

  • Don't miss your chance! Share a photo of something that you would like to #NeverChange for a chance to win $2500 and your own EXi-powered lawn mower! Enter by March 23rd for a chance to win!

  • Spring is the time to perform seasonal lawn mower maintenance! Get tips and parts for your #lawnmower with this helpful article from us at Briggs & Stratton!

  • Time for some open engine surgery! Check out @smitty270’s 1991 3hp horizontal shaft engine that is used to demonstrate how a single cylinder engine looks and moves on the inside. Make sure you tag us @briggsandstratton or #briggsandstratton to be featured in one of our Fan Share Friday Posts!

  • Everyone's taking their mowers out of hibernation. Gotta love first pull starts! #EngineEnvy

  • #repost from @fetchgretch1 Please stay this young forever!
Some things should #NeverChange, and we're sure a lot of you can agree with @fetchgretch1. Remember to post a photo of what you'd never change with the hashtag #NeverChange & you could win $2,500 and a new Exi powered lawn mower! Enter before March 23 for a chance to win! (Link in profile)

  • If you find any evidence, tag us with your first sign of #spring!

  • Finally it's time to think about putting that trusty snow blower to rest as spring is around the corner. Learn how snowblower storage can make all the difference in prolonging & protecting your outdoor power equipment with this article from Briggs & Stratton!

  • While lawn mowers are generally not quiet machines (unless equipped with the Quiet Power Technology™ Engine, of course), there are a few noises you should be wary of hearing. After a long winter in st...

  • These #landscaping ideas from +Better Homes and Gardens  are giving us some serious #YardEnvy ! What landscaping project will be at the top of your list this #spring ?!

  • One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to see homeowners try out our new products and seeing how they react, which is why I am very excited about what we’re doing in Arizona later this week. We...

  • The commercial lawn mowing season is upon us! Check out these Briggs & Stratton engines for your professional zero turn mowers to get into the grass cutting spirit.

  • Pioneering new and better ways to care for your lawn and home is nothing new at Briggs & Stratton. In fact, we’ve been doing it for more than a century. Year after year, though, we try to outdo ou...

  • As we watched the Southeast get pummeled yet again and heard about the hundreds of thousands left without power, we are reminded of the value and comfort that a #standbygenerator provides. Stay safe and warm out there friends! #poweroutage #backuppower

  • Last year about this time we turned to Briggs & Stratton’s social media properties to ask you what you wanted to make quieter. And more than 1,6000 of you responded. This year we’re hi...

  • Wondering how the single stage Snow Shredder from Briggs & Stratton works? Check out this video to see how the serrated blade is able to plow through heavy, wet snow!

  • February 22 is the start of National Engineering Week according to the National Society of Professional Engineers. And while we celebrate our amazing engineers here at Briggs & Stratton everyday, ...

  • InStart™ IS Electric Start Lawn Mowers

  • One of the most exciting times of the year for me is when spring rolls back around and I can start back up with my outdoor DIY projects. But since I tend to get stuck on ideas of my own, I often turn ...

  • Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series Engine

  • 550-2100 Series™ General Purpose Engines

  • 750-2100 Snow Series™

  • An In-Depth Look at Torque Ratings on Engines with Briggs & Stratton

  • Benefits of Engine Lubrication in a Single Cylinder Engine from Briggs & Stratton

  • Engine Lubrication Systems for V-Twin Cylinder Engines from Briggs & Stratton

  • ReadyStart® Starting System + Electric Start = Easiest Starting Engine from Briggs & Stratton

  • Our Newest Technology Engine: Direct Overhead Valve (DOV) from Briggs & Stratton

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18 Mar 2015

Living the County Life Helps You Choose the Right Push Mower with help from Briggs & Stratton New Engine Technology

Briggs & Stratton gives advice to Living the Country Life when choosing a push mower.… 

11 Mar 2015

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power Joins SmartEquip Network

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power recently joined the SmartEquip Network to provide more efficient electronic parts and service support and procurement for rental companies and equipment fleet owners.… 

26 Feb 2015

Briggs & Stratton Wants to Know What You'd Never Change

To celebrate the launch of Briggs & Stratton’s (NYSE:BGG) new EXi engine featuring Just Check and Add™, the company is turning to social media.… 

24 Feb 2015

Briggs & Stratton Corporation Introduces Lithium-Ion Electric Starting Technology to Gas-Powered Engines

Available now, exclusively on Cub Cadet lawn mowers at Cub Cadet independent dealers and Costco Wholesale, InStart® lithium-ion starting technology, combined with Briggs & Stratton’s ReadyStart® Starting System, requires no priming, no choking and no… 

23 Feb 2015

Historic New England Snow Taking Toll On Snowblowers

To avoid a break down when you need your snow blower most, it’s important to engage in a bit of routine maintenance. These tips from Briggs & Stratton Corporation (NYSE: BGG) can also help you keep your snow blower out of the shop, especially now whe… 

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