• Up to 75 mower starts packed into an hour of charging? YEP.

  • School is back in session….can’t wait to study our favorite subjects! 📚

  • Do you know the original occupation of our co-founder, Harold Stratton? #BehindBriggs

  • Notice an increase of ants around your home? The short height of your grass may be to blame. #BriggsTip

  • Mower maintenance questions? This list should help:

  • Gas-powered engine advantage: Delivers the power and range to cut tall grass.

  • Pay attention to your watering schedule. Weeds can flourish when you water your lawn frequently and lightly. #ProTip

  • Fill in the blank! In 20 years, I hope engines can _________. #thefuture

  • Labor Day weekend— while we would all like to spend that time with one final summer hurrah before cooler weather sets in, often times we use that extra day to get all those outdoor chores or big proje...

  • An oil change-free engine? OH YES, WE DID.

  • Winter may be months away but that didn’t stop us from having a fun afternoon demoing snow blowers at HQ! Who’s ready for some sweet, sweet snow throwing action?

  • Do you know the original occupation of our co-founder, Stephen Briggs? #BehindBriggs

  • Everyone's yard is different. How do YOU define lawn scalping?

  • Weakened grass and weed encroachment are just a few of the risks associated with lawn scalping. #ProTip

  • September is National Preparedness Month and we at Briggs & Stratton are very aware of what can happen when disaster occurs and the power goes out. We’ve done our best as a manufacturer of backup ...

  • What Briggs & Stratton powered machines are helping YOU get work done? #BriggsRollCall

  • The three best friends that anyone could have: a Briggs & Stratton engine, fuel can, and Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer!

  • @tractors_u.s.a thinks this 1977 12hp Briggs is the best motor. It's been to the edge and back and "still runs like new". We couldn't agree more!

  • "Best motors ever built...they powered all our classic toys!" – Bryan B.

  • Did you put the pressure on any home cleaning projects over the summer? If so, fill in the blank – We want to hear about 'em!

  • Human tested. Dog approved. Happy #NationalDogDay!

  • Find your neighborhood Briggs & Stratton dealer today! #BehindBriggs

  • Briggs & Stratton first powered scaled midgets at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway all the way back in 1934 and 81 years later, we’re just as excited as we were then… #transformationtuesday

  • The maintenance questions you ask are more common than you think. In our latest #BriggsBlog, we answer some of the most common from the season. Click the link to see what we mean:

  • Are you the helpful handyman or handywoman on the block?

  • We got hit with an unseasonal patch of snow here at the Briggs & Stratton headquarters 😉 Good thing our people and products are ready to go!

  • @codyhybarger found this classic 1970’s 3hp #BriggsandStratton in the trash, cleaned the carb and sparkplug and BAM “she purrs like a cat”. Finders keepers we say!

  • Get your daily dose of classic engine awesomeness from our friend, Jeremy! This is 56 seconds you NEED to hear. #RevOn Take a video of your Briggs & Stratton in action this weekend for a chance to have it featured on our page!

  • Back in the 1950s, we touted “more than a million…dependable motors in service”. Do you know how many small engines we build per year today?

  • Back in the 1950s, we touted “more than a million…dependable motors in service”. Do you know how many small engines we build per year today? #ThrowbackThursday #tbt

  • Protect your patch of matter how small.

  • No matter your starting style, we promise to start in 2!

  • I recently read an article about the different types of camping enthusiasts. First you have the Bear Grylls fanatics who will hunt fish out of the creek with their bare hands. Next you have outdoor ad...

  • The Briggs & Stratton team gets a lot questions about how to best care for and protect our products. We wanted to share some of the questions we get most often to help you with your engine this su...

  • If you want your outdoor power equipment to run smoother, longer and safer; gasoline is the key. Here’s an easy-to-read tool from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute to help you figure out which gas...

  • It’s about halfway through the summer season and it’s time to finally check “cleaning the deck” off your to-do list. Without a proper cleaning, mildew, mold and dirt can get trapped in the wood of you...

  • While my pressure washer generally does a good enough job on its own of cleaning outdoor surfaces, occasionally I come across stubborn dirt and grime buildup that requires a little bit of extra help t...

  • Once again, drought has come to the Western United States and other parts of the U.S. The high temperatures and low rainfall have likely turned your lawn dry and dismal. Get your yard back in shape wi...

  • Does a baseball game make you wish for a lawn as great as the one in big league ballparks? I sure appreciate the baseball and the great grooming in the outfields. As a baseball fan, I want my lawn to ...

  • When you live in a home, it’s easy to think about the things you wish you had and dream about things that would make your day-to-day life easier or more enjoyable. It can be difficult and costly to ma...

  • There are pros and cons to scalping your lawn. Read up on everything you need to know so you can make the best decision for your grass! #SummerLawnCare #GreenGrass #LawnMaintenance

  • Look no further, we've got the remedy for your lackluster lawn. Check out these 7 tips and you'll be well on your way to that picture-perfect yard in no time! #YardWork #LawnTips #LawnCare

  • If your lawn is failing when it should be thriving, check out these great tips on fixing patchy growth spots on your lawn! #LawnCare #LawnMaintenance #KeepItGreen

  • Want to tackle that outdoor cleaning project before summer #BBQ season? Try our pressure washer selector tool to see the best power washers for your needs!

  • If your lawn needs rescued, we've got the remedies. Here are 7 awesome ideas to save your lawn! #LawnCareTips #LawnRemedies #HealthyLawn

  • Need help identifying some of the seasonal pests that are making a mess of your lawn? Check out this informative post from +Lawn Master Inc, which gives you a creative tip on flushing out those pests so you can identify them (hint: dishwater test)!

  • Today we're serving up a serious dose of lawn striping yard envy. Just look at those perfectly straight, perfectly cut lines! Tag us in your pictures and show us what you've got! #YardEnvy #LawnStriping #LawnMowing

  • Roughing it is over-rated! With our portable generators for #camping & #tailgating, you can enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts of home.

  • To get that lush, green lawn, you have to put in the work. Check out these components of a healthy yard, and start transforming yours today! #LawnCare #YardWork #GreenGrass

  • Grub infestation ruining your lawn? Don't worry, this post provides everything you need to know about how to manage this lawn pest! #LawnCare #YardMaintenance #Pests

  • Mow 'N' Stow™ Lawn Mower Engine Technology: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • EXi “Never Change Oil” Mower Engine: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • InStart™ Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower Engine: Briggs & Stratton Demo

  • QPT™ Quiet Lawn Mower Engine Put to the Test in Pheonix, AZ

  • EXi Lawn Mower Innnovation

  • InStart™ IS Electric Start Lawn Mowers

  • Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series Engine

  • 550-2100 Series™ General Purpose Engines

  • 750-2100 Snow Series™

  • An In-Depth Look at Torque Ratings on Engines with Briggs & Stratton

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04 Sep 2015

Briggs & Stratton Corporation Shares Recommendations to Make Labor Day Weekend Yard Care Easier

To ensure the weekend does not become dominated by yard care and chores, Briggs & Stratton has compiled some recommendations.

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26 Aug 2015

Tailgating Power Multiplied By Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart Series™ Inverter Generators

The countdown to the 2015-2016 tailgating season is on – and thanks to Briggs & Stratton’s inverter technology on PowerSmart Series™ portable generators, outdoor recreation and tailgating enthusiasts have access to even more quiet, smart, consistent
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18 Aug 2015

Briggs & Stratton Backup Power Experts Help Homeowners Select the Best Standby Generator Size for their Home

The backup power experts at Briggs & Stratton Corporation are offering helpful tips for homeowners researching the right-size standby generator system for their home’s electrical needs.

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17 Aug 2015

Briggs & Stratton® Experts Offer 6 Tips For Using Pressure Washer Accessories To Save Outdoor Cleaning Time

The experts at Briggs & Stratton® have six tips for homeowners use pressure washer accessories, detergents and attachments to maximize convenience and save time spent cleaning outdoor spaces.
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29 Jul 2015

Briggs & Stratton Corporation Offers Many Innovative Lawn Mower Engine Features To Meet Homeowners Diverse Lawn Care Needs

Briggs & Stratton has developed engine innovations to serve the many wants of users such as easier maintenance, quieter operation, and easier starting. With a focus on user-driven problem solving, the innovations are a direct result of customer liste
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