Inverters vs. Non-Inverters

What is an Inverter Generator?

Briggs and Stratton Inverter Generator

During a power outage, you need a portable generator that is reliable enough to keep the lights on and that can provide consistent power to keep you connected. The Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart Series of inverter generators features an onboard computer that is able to automatically adjust the engine speed, providing consistent, accurate power, making it one of the best inverter generators in its class.

This ultra quiet generator produces DC power which is then converted to an AC outlet, providing a power source that is sensitive to your electronic devices and appliances. 

Quiet Generator Comparison: Traditional vs. Inverter Generators

Hear how the super quiet inverter generator compares to a traditional camping generator. Since camping generators run at constant high speed, the noise level is also constant. The PowerSmart inverter generator combines a premium muffler, a sound reduction enclosure and computer-controlled technology to continuously adjust engine speeds depending on your power needs, creating the most quiet portable generator available from Briggs & Stratton.

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