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Portable Generators

Portable generators not only help protect your family and possessions during a power outage, but are also useful when camping, on the job site or anywhere you need power. Remember, the best time to buy a generator is before you need one.

Inverters vs. Non-Inverters

Learn how an inverter generator works and the benefits of inverter power.

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Why Is The Engine So Important?

The engine that powers your portable generator plays a pivotal role in product performance as well as the user experience over the life of your generator. Choose a trusted name like Briggs & Stratton, and you can rest assure that your engine is: easy to start; powerful, durable and reliable; rated to meet or exceed environmental standards; and backed by experienced service engine dealers worldwide.

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Safety First

Things can be chaotic when the power goes out. Follow these simple guidelines to help protect you and your generator.

Safety First

What Are All These Terms?

Running Watts. Amps. Learn the meaning behind all of the terms and specs used to describe a portable generator.

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