Dual 200A Split 400A Symphony® II Transfer Switch

Model Number: 071058

The Dual 200A Split 400A Symphony® II Transfer Switch replaces the need for two 200 amp transfer switches in standard split 400A service homes with two 200A distribution panels.

This 2 in 1 transfer switch must be bundled with a Briggs & Stratton standby generator.

Easy installation. Smaller footprint. More for less, from the Power Experts.

Product Ratings

  • Easy Installation

    The system uses one less transfer switch requiring less wiring, less time, and fewer expenses than typical 400 amp installations. With factory pre-wired generator power distribution inside the transfer switch, the new transfer switch is a huge timesaver. Plus, it weighs less than the average 400 amp transfer switch.

  • Smaller Footprint

    The Dual 200 Amp/Split 400 Amp Transfer Switch is a smaller, cleaner looking installation

  • Code Compliant

    One of the only code compliant solutions for two 200 amp service breakers, the 400 utility service can be paralleled and connected directly to each service disconnect in the transfer switch

  • Power Management Method

    ACCM, Patented A/C Power Control Module

  • NEMA 3R

    Transfer switch can be installed indoor/outdoor

Dual 200A Split 400A Symphony® II Transfer Switch
Length (inches) 7
Width (inches) 23.70
Height (inches) 37
Weight (lbs) 111
Common Features 120/240 Voltage, 2 Poles, 60 Frequency, NEMA 3, UL 1008 Listed
Circuits Whole House
Power Management Method Symphony® II Power Management
Running Amperage 2 x 200 A

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