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Generator Power Management Accessories


Load Control Center (LCC)

While powering the essential appliances in your home, such as your refrigerator, the LCC monitors and calculates the power available from your generator. The LCC allows you to prioritize 4 high wattage appliances such as an electric dryer or an electric stove, while your generator is running.

The electronically controlled LCC regulates the high power appliances when there is enough power available from the generator. Additionally, the LCC has the ability to manage the demands of 2 central air conditioners or heat pumps during a power outage. The LCC turns off 2 additional heat pumps or air conditioners for the duration of the outage. This can lead to a smaller size generator required at the time of the purchase. Briggs & Stratton’s LCC is smart enough to keep your lights on and your refrigerator cold, while managing the high powered appliances in order to keep your generator running. 

Air Conditioning Control Module (ACCM)

Briggs & Stratton’s electronically controlled ACCM allows you to choose two high wattage appliances, between 2 air conditioners and 2 heat pumps. The two appliances you choose will be regulated by the ACCM after your lights, TV and other lower wattage items are already powered. 

The patented ACCM technology continuously monitors generator power, and determines when the first air conditioner or heat pump can turn on. Once power is available, the ACCM will turn on the second air conditioner or heat pump. Briggs & Stratton’s ACCM keeps your essentials running as well as keeping the temperature in your home comfortable. 


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