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Backup Power: Home Standby Generators

Home Generator Systems

Home Generators are permanently installed, and provide your home with automatic backup power during a power outage. Bundled with an automatic transfer switch, your home standby generator runs off of natural gas or liquid propane.

Without a backup power solution, the effects of a power outage can be costly. Find out how much a power outage costs.

How Standby Power Works

Learn the importance of backup power, the basics of how standby power works, and see a demonstration of how Briggs & Stratton Home Generator Systems work.

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Standby Generator Backup Power Solutions for Your Home

Understand your power options, and which power category is the best fit for your home.

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What Are All These Terms?

Running Watts. Amps. Learn the meaning behind all of the terms and specs used to describe a standby generator.

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