Snow Blower Engine

Snow Blower Engines 101

Daunted by the process of buying a snow blower? Briggs & Stratton makes the choice easy with information on how an engine works and small engine maintenance, specifically for snowblower engines. Read on for tips on how to select the best snow thrower to meet your specific needs and how it can help you keep your sidewalks and driveway clear, no matter what winter blizzards throw your way.

From a compact single stage snow blower to dual stage commercial snow blower solution, engines matter for snow removal.

Quick Tips for Snowblower Engine Maintenance

Here are four tips to review before using your snow blower for safe, easy snow removal.

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4 cycle engine

How A Snow Blower Engine Works

Learn what happens inside the small engine in your snow blower or snow thrower to plow through snow drifts during winter storms.

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Snow Thrower Small Engine Torque

Snow Blower Engine Torque

Our snowblower engines are rated using Gross Torque. Learn how torque is the force behind powerful snow removal.

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Starting a Snow Blower Small Engine

Starting a Snow Blower Engine

Here is a how-to guide on starting a snow blower with a Briggs and Stratton Small Engine.

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Snow Blower Engine Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel Stabilizer for Your Snow Blower

One of the easiest ways to maintain your snow blower engine is by using fuel stabilizer and treatment. Read for tips to keep your small engine running right.

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Glossary Small Engine Parts for a Snow Thrower

Snow Engine Glossary

Not sure what a "engine governor" is or which starting system to look for? Small engine maintenance is explained with the Snow Blower Engine Glossary.

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