Starting Your Riding Mower Engine

Starting Procedure For a V-Twin Tractor  

Step 1

Sit on the seat in the operation position


Step 2

Depress the clutch/brake pedal and set the parking brake


Step 3

Place the motion control lever in neutral [N] position

Step 4

Move blade engagement to disengaged position

Step 5

Move throttle to fast positon


Step 6

Move choke to full choke/on position

Step 7

Insert key into ignition and turn key clockwise to starting position and release the key as soon as the engine starts.


Step 8

When the engine begins to run roughly, move choke control to off  position

Reverse Mow Procedure For Single Cylinder and V-Twin Tractors   
Tractors equipped with a Reverse Operating System (ROS) safety feature, as shown on this model, will not allow the operator to reverse with the blades engaged. To reverse with the blades engaged, the operator must follow the steps below  

Step 1

Follow previous procedure for starting your single cylinder or V-twin tractor


Step 2

Move key to reverse picture indicated on the ignition selector


Step 3

Place motion control lever in the reverse position

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