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Push Mower Engines is rated 4.0229 out of 5 by 698.
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Correction of previous post I really don't like to admit I was wrong, but my discovery may explain at least some of the complaints I have seen posted for this engine. Yesterday, I posted a complaint about gasoline spewing from the carburetor, less than two months after purchase and after no more than 4 or 5 uses. Today, I called our local B&S service center and was advised that this is likely caused by water from the fuel clogging the carburetor needle. The ethanol in present day gasoline absorbs water into the fuel, rendering the fuel unreliable in less than a month. They recommended buying an ethanol treatment to stabilize the fuel, specifically suggesting either SeaFoam or Mechanic in a bottle. I purchased a bottle of the SeaFoam fuel treatment, poured a little gas in the tank, mixed in a tbsp or so of the SeaFoam, and started cranking the engine. It eventually started with a cloud of smoke, and ran perfectly. And no more gas pouring out of the carb. I mowed the front yard smoothly, and put it back in the garage. I checked an hour or so later, no gas leaking out, and was able to restart the engine, although it took several pulls and a very slow run for 20 second before it ran smoothly. I am still reserving judgement on this product before I can recommend it.Suggestion to B&S: Although you may recommended using fresh gas, few people take the time to get a new supply of gas each time they mow. Although you suggest using a gas stabilizer in your product manual and on the tag on the gas tank, you really need to make it clear that a stabilizer must be used, and what happens if you don't. It would
Date published: 2012-07-05
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Changing Engine Oil-Bad News My model # 9T5021428B110034 Will not come up as a valid engine onThe Briggs & Stratton Web Site. The user manual I have for the engine shows two possible oil drain locations & neither one exists. I called the Southern States Store where I bought it & was told that as far as they knew the oil had to drained by emptying the gas tank & turning the mower upside down to drain the oil from the oil fill plug. I also called & talked with a B&S representative & he confirmed that the oil could only be drained from the fill plug. I have used B&S engines for years & this is the first I have owned that did not have a bottom oil drain plug. In my opinion this is a very poor design from a maintenance point. Unless thispoor design is corrected this will be my last B&S engine. Also had trouble 1st month would not start & had to take back to dealer for repair & my grass just kept growing.
Date published: 2012-03-15
Rated 4 out of 5 by from * * * * Starts easy and runs strong. Starts each spring with 1 pull. however first summer with very few hours on it it just quit. it would not start. Took it in for repairs, which were covered under warranty, and the PLASTIC cam shaft broke!!!!! who makes a camshaft out of plastic???? The replace ment was still plastic but different material. the machine has run for 3 years now no problems. hopefully B/S has changed the material on this part.
Date published: 2012-02-22
Rated 2 out of 5 by from won't stay running Bought brand new on Troy Bilt mower at Lowes. Easy mower to assemble, added the oil supplied with engine and fresh new gas. Started on second pull. Cut front with no problem and half way through back yard it dies as if out of gas. Still had half a tank of gas and full of oil. Would start and run for about 2 seconds and die. Let cool off for about half an hour while I trimmed and then tried again. Started first pull ONLY to spit and sputter and never reach full RPM and die afterbout 1 minute. Then back to the 2 second run and die routine. I exchanged for a new one that day. I have my fingers crossed on this one that I can finish mowing my lawn today!!
Date published: 2012-05-02
Rated 2 out of 5 by from does not restart after running a short time This engine has power once going. But Had this for 2 weeks and noticed gas dripping out from under carb. Motor mounted on Troy-Built walk behind mower. Anyways, bought from Lowes who is useless. Don't buy any lawn mower from them as service is last on their list of priorities. Took off air cleaner filter and notice gas coming out of bottom of two tubes on engine. Called B&S and no response 2 weeks after calling. Shame, looks like stuck float in carb and will have to rebuild and only 2 weeks old on motor. Buy Kohler engine based products.
Date published: 2012-05-15
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Excellent if you replace the spark plug Champion RJ2YXLE spark plug that came with it defective out of box, failed completely after two uses. Could not find replacement under this number. Used common J17LM instead (fits hole and sparks OK), runs much better now. Not sure long term, or why B&S chose to use an unavailable part. They need to fix this.
Date published: 2012-04-20
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Piece of Trash. Don't waste your time on this mower Underpowered engine and a bag that only fills about 25% of the way. A horrible lawnmower. Avoid this and other Yard Machines products.
Date published: 2012-06-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Top notch engine with brilliant berformance. Hi all, I used a Mountfield m4 Major 18'' push mower, which rear discharges and collects with its 5mm thick deck.For approximatley 33 years #from 1977 it had the standard 3.5 hp Briggs and stratton Model 92908 side valve engine, which ran sweet as a nut for all those years and even with that engine the mower coped exellently with long grass. now though the points are pitted so it does not run but that's an easy fix for a good engine.I then decided to go for a 850 I/C series 12Q902 model engine, which I bought for £200 approx from a reputable authorized engine dealer.This is how I rate the engine as a professional user.FeaturesprosCast iron bore will definatley provide a long engine life. high mount oil fill and dual element air cleaner for dusty conditions. super low tone muffler for quieter operation ready start for 1 to 2 pull starts even in winter resin blower housing for no dents.consNo full pressure lube so can't be used on same gradients as 2 stroke engines, if you could design a simple, efective and reliable solution for this problem then then this would be great.No heavy duty bearings as standard as previous reviewer pointed outThis feature is optional and only comes with heavy fly-wheel to the best or my knowlege.Performance.This thing keeps turning near full revs even if the deck clogs with grass because of the torque of the engine. so safe to say that i could even cut down grass that's knee height with virtually no bogging down.I have never had it cut out exept from from tank being empty.The only downer is that there's no full pressure lube available only pressurised oil filter is available not the whole engine so you can't use it on slopes. but otherwise amazing performance for that perfect cut even in damp climates or conditions.economyFull tank will easilly last an hour so it's really good on fuelreliability.starts first time every timewhen engine get's warm it sometimes takes a few pulls to get the engine starteddoes'nt quit or bog gown so better thn the honda gxv160 which boggs down quite often which I have experienced on one mower.I havent had any issues exept fuel jet in carb is minute for emission compliance reasons so it can clogs even if fuel has been filtered with fine mesh funnel but that can be fixed very cheaply for under £10.00 at local Briggs and stratton dealer who will rectify the problem with the correct procedure.durabilityEngine has resin blower housing like Vanguard engines so is resistant to impacts and easy to clean.Dual element air filter with seals for stopping debris entering engine,cast iron sleeve to resist wear and allow a full days operation for a whole week.The only bad point is that it does'nt come with the Heavy duty bearings like the honda gxv160 although in virtually every other way this is the ultimate mower engine even better than kawasaki fj 180v KAI which has less torque and is less reliable because of hunting issues has a shaft which is prone to bending and does'nt have heavy duty bearings but only has plain bearings.SummaryA great engine that's much better priced than its competitors and is more powerful, durable and is generally more reliable than it rivals. A vanguard version would be an exellent addition to the product line with all the features of your big block engines such as a grass cutting screen in the blower housing to stop build up of grass in that area and enhance durability and reliability it could also have a central oil pump with oil cooling heat sink which would alow the operator to safely use mower on any slop they can walk on without damaging the engine.I would highly recomend the 850 I/C engine to any commercial user or home owner with a large amount of lawn to care for.This is the finest engine available for walk behind mowers available today and is hard to beat with bags of power, durability, ergonomics and performance to match.
Date published: 2012-05-19
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When buying a new lawn mower, remember this – engines matter. It is the engine that provides easy starting, power to cut through tall, thick grass, reliability and quiet mowing. While powerful, easy to use engines have been our focus for over 100 years, today we’re bringing you new, groundbreaking technology. Engines that are lighter and more powerful. Engines that are 65% quieter.* Engines that store upright to use 70% less space in your garage. All to make your equipment easier to use and own. This Spring, you’ll find new. You’ll find innovative. Because these are our best engines. Ever
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