AMPLIFI™ Hose Powering & Storage System


Introducing the world's only hose powering and storage system. Amplifi™ by Briggs & Stratton transforms your garden hose into a powerful and versatile outdoor cleaning and watering solution.This new, one-of-a-kind cleaning, watering and storage solution is designed with one goal in mind: to save you time. The durable hose storage container is designed to stay outside your house, reducing setup time. And the quick change multiple spray nozzle allows you to select between your power and spray modes and apply soap on the go. No other product has it all! No other hose device can water, soap, rinse and clean as easily and effectively as Amplifi. The secret is its power; built into the storage container is a quiet electric pump system that supercharges your garden hose, giving you the power to clean and water like you never have before.

Product Ratings

  • See it in Action

    No other hose device can water, soap, rinse, and clean as easily and as effectively as Amplifi. Best of all, it stays outside so it's always ready when you are. Just plug it in, and turn it on.

  • Water and Clean on the Fly

    There is nothing else that gives you the flexibility to tackle 2nd story cleaning and gently water flowers by simply twisting a nozzle.

  • The Power to Clean What a Hose Can't

    Whether it’s your gutters or windows, Amplifi’s advanced nozzle spray technology and pump combine to spray further with more cleaning power. There is up to 4.5x more impact force at 40 feet and reaches distances up to 30% further than a standard garden hose can.

  • Durable, Attractive Container Stores it All

    Stores up to 75 ft. of your garden hose, power nozzle, mobility kit, and power cord.

  • Always Ready

    Amplifi’s attractive, weather-resistant container blends into your outdoor décor so it’s ready to go when you are!

  • Another First - Power Watering

    Use the Power Shower setting to deliver up to 2x more water for faster watering of flowerbeds and gardens.

  • Apply Multiple Detergents

    Simply push the red button to activate the Detergent on Demand system, giving you the power to apply soap and cleaning detergents to any water stream for even more effective cleaning.

  • It's Not a Pressure Washer, It's an Everyday Washer

    Amplifi was designed to be an everyday, effective all-in-one cleaning, watering and storage solution that is the ultimate in convenience. It’s not a pressure washer; it’s different, created specifically for your everyday outdoor cleaning and watering needs!

AMPLIFI™ Hose Powering & Storage System
Cleaning Solution Injection System Detergent on Demand™
Consumer Warranty 90 days Limited Warranty
GPM 5.2
Hose Length (feet) 15
Ideal Uses Watering, Rinsing, and Light Cleaning for Ultimate Outdoor Living
Motor Type Electric
Number of Spray Nozzles 5
Packaged Height (inches) 25.2
Packaged Length (inches) 22.5
Packaged Width (inches) 22.5
Power Cord Length 35
PSI 125 or 150
Pump Type Electric
Spray Nozzle Tips Power Jet, Power Shower, Power Fan, Gentle Fan, Gentle Shower
Starter Electric

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