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How to Use

Here are a few generator usage tips you should keep in mind.

Wattage - Determine what appliances you will be able to run with the wattage guide.

Testing - Perform a dry run of your generator to make sure you are familiar of how you will operate it during a power outage.

Flashlight - Keep a flashlight handy to find your way to your generator.

Location - Keep your generator conveniently located.

Electric Start - If your generator is equipped with electric start, keep the battery charged.

Lubrication - Run your generator occasionally to keep the engine well lubricated.

Powering Your Generator - Keep an adequate supply of fresh gasoline and extension cords. Use fuel stabilizer if you plan on extended storage.

Plugging In - Plug in appliances one at a time being careful not to overload the circuits.

Cool After Use - Allow your generator to adequately cool-down before storing.

Cover - Use a storage cover to keep the generator free of dirt and debris.