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How to Get Started with your Pressure Washer

A pressure washer can be used to keep a variety of things you own looking their best, and setting up your pressure washer couldn’t be easier. Before doing anything else, read your pressure washer’s owners manual. Familiarize yourself with the pressure washer and its parts.

• Always check the engine oil level before you begin washing. If necessary, add oil to the correct level.

• Check the hoses, screens, and O-rings for signs of damage and replace if repairs are needed.

• Attach the extension wand to the spray gun and make sure that the hose is attached to both the gun and the pressure washer.

• Let the water supply run until the water is completely clean.

• Attach hose to water inlet and water supply. Make sure all the connections are tight.

• Fill the pressure washer with fresh, unleaded gasoline.

Once you have completed these simple steps, you are ready to clean with your new Briggs & Stratton pressure washer!