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Smart-Fill Gas Can Troubleshooting

Why does my Smart-Fill Gas Can spill gas when I use it?

In order for the Smart-Fill Gas Can to work properly and avoid spillage of fuel, it is very important to adhere to the spout usage instructions prior to and during use.

Tips for Current Generation Smart-Fill Gas Cans
Smart-Fill Gas Can

The current generation of Smart-Fill Gas Cans is most easily identified by the spout's green collar. Before use, it is very important to vent trapped vapor from the can by pumping the spout, as shown in the video below, in order to prevent the splashing of fuel.

Please follow the steps below to properly use the Briggs & Stratton Smart-Fill Gas Can:

  1. Unlock - Turn the green collar right aligning green teeth with black notches.
  2. Pump - Pull in the spout to vent the can prior to usage.
  3. Unlock - Turn the green collar right aligning green teeth with black notches.
  4. Pour - Place spout on tank using anchors to support. Push to pour. Lift to stop.

Please download the Smart-Fill Instructions (PDF) for additional information.

A step-by-step guide detailing how to properly use the Smart-Fill Gas Can is also available in the video below.

Tips for Previous Generation Smart-Fill Gas Cans
Original Smart-Fill Can

If you own the original style Smart-Fill Gas Can, and you are experiencing problems with a sticking nozzle, the use of some carb/choke cleaner can dissolve any gum or varnish that may be causing the nozzle to stick. Alternatively, penetrating sprays such as WD-40 or Pow'R Blaster can also be used to help loosen a sticking nozzle.

Unfortunately, replacement nozzles for this gas can are no longer available.

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