• ServisExpert®

    Regularly serviced engines run more
    efficiently with lower emissions.


Helping the Environment

Our experience with millions of engines has shown optimum performance is achieved if maintenance and servicing takes place at regular usage intervals. In the past, this has been difficult to assess due to engine run times being almost impossible to record. However, the ServisExpert® solves this problem.

Whenever a mower is running the product vibrates. The ServisExpert has been designed and manufactured to be able to pick up these vibrations. The simple to use unit records and stores these times. When key pre-programmed intervals are reached the integrated LCD screen flashes icons that indicate to the user what they need to do.

On top of this a regularly serviced engine runs more efficiently with lowered emissions. So, not only does the ServisExpert benefit you, the dealer and the end user, it also helps look after the environment.

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