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Choosing Spark Plugs
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    1. You can use a Briggs & Stratton brand plug part number 796112S or a Champion RJ19LM

    1. To locate any information on your engine, you will first need the model type and code. Please see the following FAQ for assistance in locating these numbers:

      Once you have this information you can find information on your engine here: Select engine as your product type and follow the directions for entering the model type and trim into the search fields.

    1. You will need to use a 796112S or a Champion RJ19LM.

Reduced Emissions

Briggs & Stratton engines featuring ECO PLUS™ Emissions Reducing Technology deliver significantly improved environmental performance.

ECO PLUS engines offer reduced evaporative emissions performance by up to 59% compared to engines which do not feature ECO PLUS.
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