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Replacing the Rewind

How is the rewind rope replaced?


The rewind starting system, also known as a recoil system, is operated manually by pulling a rope. The rope is attached to a pulley and return spring that spin the flywheel to start the spark plug firing and the engine running. A strong tug is usually required, since the flywheel must spin fast enough to generate the high voltage necessary for ignition. If your rewind binds when you pull it or does not rewind freely, it may be time to replace it. This section covers the procedures for testing and replacing your rewind assembly.

Testing The Rewind

If you discover any of the following conditions, replace the entire rewind assembly.

  1. Pull the rope slowly (image A). If the system is noisy, binds or feels rough, the return spring, pulley or rope may be jammed. If the crankshaft doesn't run, the ratcheting mechanism isn't engaging

  2. Once the rope is all the way out, check for fraying and wear along its entire length.

  3. Let the rope rewind slowly. If it fails to rewind, the pulley may be binding or the return spring may be broken, disengaged or worn.

Replacing The Rewind

On some engines, the rewind is spot-welded or riveted to the top of the engine shroud. On others, it is attached with nuts or bolts.

  1. Loosen the appropriate bolts and remove the blower housing (see ).

  2. Remove the nuts or bolts on the rewind (if equipped) or drill out the rivets or spot welds with a 3/16" bit, drilling only far enough to loosen them (image B).

  3. Install a replacement rewind from the original engine manufacturer. Insert the mounting bolts from inside the blower housing so that the bottoms come through the top of the shroud. Place the replacement rewind over the bolts and fasten a washer and nut securely on each bolt (image C).

For additional information, please visit our .

Rewind Safety

A rewind assembly contains a pulley and spring that retract the rope after each pull. Disassembling a rewind is best left to a small engine technician. The project requires special care and safety precautions because of the risk of serious injury from a spring or other flying parts.

NOTE: Please read and abide by any applicable Safety Information (PDF) before performing any engine work. This information is not meant to take the place of work performed by a Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer. Terms and Conditions apply to all of our information provided on this website. Always be sure to read and understand your engine Operator's Manual.

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