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Briggs and Stratton powered go karts

Who manufactures go-karts that are powered with Briggs & Stratton engines?

Briggs & Stratton no longer sells engines to consumer go-kart equipment manufacturers.

The 136200 series engine is the only engine intended for use on any go-kart (Fun Kart). This engine's special features (i.e. a special fuel tank to prevent a fuel spill in case the kart is turned over, a return-to-idle throttle assembly, a muffler guard) ensure appropriate performance and help promote safety. Please visit with your local Briggs & Stratton Authorized Dealer to purchase this engine.

We do not have ANY recommendations as to repairs of any other engine on go-karts (Fun Kart).

We do not recommend the use of ANY of our engines on mini-bikes, 3-wheel all terrain vehicles, aircraft products or vehicles intended for use in competitive events nor do we have ANY recommendations for repairs to our engines used on these applications.

If you are involved in SANCTIONED racing events, please visit our Briggs & Stratton Racing website.

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