Briggs & Stratton Racing Set To Attend The 41st Annual USXC I-500 Snowmobile Event

February 4, 2014

Briggs Racing has confirmed that they will be in attendance to support their 206 racers and capture the excitement of the inaugural year of the 206 into this competition. "To capture our racers in video being part of this legendary event is going to be a lot of fun. If any of our 206 family is on the fence about being apart of this race, it's time to jump down and come join us!" stated Dave Klaus, Director-Briggs Racing. "We are excited to be a spectator to what will be a great event. We hope to capture some of that through video for our families to look back on and for the rest of the world to see! What more is there to say but that our bags are packed!"

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Briggs & Stratton Racing - David Klaus

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