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Briggs & Stratton Racing Announces Briggs Bucks Program for 2014!

Apr 02, 2014

Briggs Racing and IKF announce a BRIGGS BUCKS, Road to the IKF Grand National support program. Eligible Briggs racers have the opportunity to earn up to a FREE entry at this year's IKF Grand Nationals courtesy of Briggs and Stratton Racing.… 

The IKF Syd White Fast-Pass Award by Briggs Racing

Apr 02, 2014

Briggs & Stratton Syd White FAST PASS Award program announced. This NEW program offers Briggs junior racers a support package that includes FREE hotel, travel, and entry fee at the 2014 IKF Grand Nationals courtesy of Briggs and Stratton Racing.… 

Briggs & Stratton Racing Reaffirms Their Annual Battle at the Brickyard Support Program

Apr 02, 2014

Continuing with tradition, Briggs & Stratton Racing will once again be giving away almost $4,000 in inverter generators at this year’s Battle at the Brickyard. … 

Briggs & Stratton Racing Set To Attend The 41st Annual USXC I-500 Snowmobile Event

Feb 04, 2014

Briggs Racing has confirmed that they will be in attendance to support their 206 racers and capture the excitement of the inaugural year of the 206 into this competition. … 

The 2014 Briggs and Stratton 206 Rules Set Released!

Jan 29, 2014

The 206 is for the racers, built by racers, and backed by a common sense approach to rules and backed a company in the full-time business of racing. The part of the month club, the rule changes driven on self-interest instead of our racers best inte…