Animal 12V Electric Starter Kit

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NOTE: This starter kit can be installed only on engines equipped with a compression release cam.


  1. Disconnect the spark plug lead from the spark plug to prevent unintentional start up.
  2. Remove the blower housing.
  3. Remove the flywheel using the appropriate flywheel puller.
  4. Install the ring gear to the flywheel with four screws. Torque the screws to 35-50 lb-in. (4-6 Nm).
  5. Using a small hammer, knock out the notched piece of the cylinder (shown below) to create clearance for the starter motor.
    Animal Electric Starter Figure 1
    Cutout for Electric Starter Motor
  6. Reinstall the flywheel/ring gear assembly. Torque the flywheel nut to 55-75 lb-ft (75-100 Nm).
  7. Reinstall the blower housing. Torque bottom left screw to 60-110 in-lbs (7-12 Nm). Torque remaining blower housing screws to 135-145 in-lbs (15-16 Nm). NOTE: The blower housing must have the cutout (shown below) to accommodate the starter kit. If necessary, order p/n 555704 separately.
  8. Install the electric starter motor to the cylinder with two screws. Torque screws to 125-150 lb-in (14-17 Nm).
  9. Temporarily remove the two starter end cap screws (shown below).
  10. Position starter support bracket as shown and install two button head screws through bracket and into cylinder cover. Torque screws to 115-125 lb-in (13-14 Nm).
  11. Reinstall the two starter end cap screws and torque to 25-35 lb-in (3-4 Nm).
    End and Button Head Cap Screws
  12. Insert tab of starter motor guard into slot in blower housing, then secure with screw. Torque to 20-25 lb-in (2-3 Nm).
    Insert Tab and Install Screw
  13. Connect the spark plug lead to the spark plug.

NOTE on Battery and Cable Installation: Use only a sealed dry cell battery for racing applications. To dampen vibration, install the battery with isolator mounts. Consult your authorized sanctioning body for acceptable batteries and mounting locations.

An 8 mm battery cable is recommended between the battery and starter solenoid. DO NOT connect the battery to the rocker switch or the button switch on the engine or damage to the ignition module will occur.