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Anatomy of the Animal: The Valve Train

If you look at the similarities between a human and an engine, I would compare them like this - The oiling system is the heart; it transfers vital fluids (oil) to the critical areas of the engine. Without it the engine would not live very long. The intake system is the lungs, it takes oxygen and mixes it with fuel to ultimately have its energy converted to power once inside the engine.

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Animal 12V Electric Starter Kit

NOTE: This starter kit can be installed only on engines equipped with a compression release cam. Installation: Disconnect the spark plug lead from the spark plug to prevent unintentional start up. Remove the blower housing. Remove the flywheel using the appropriate flywheel puller. Install the ring gear to the flywheel with four screws.

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Lashing Out at the Animal: Setting the Valve Lash on Your Race Engine

Though there are critics on both sides of the fence when it comes to the benefits of the new Animal engine, one thing that neither side can dispute is how much easier setting the valve lash is on the Animal. Anyone who has tried setting the valves on the Raptor will probably tell you that it is not their favorite feature of the engine. Not only is it time consuming, but it also requires special grinders to do the job.

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Timing the Animal

The spark inside your race engine is pretty simple, high voltage is used to jump a gap and create the heat needed to get combustion started. The spark itself is pretty simple, but getting everything to happen just right isn’t that easy. Spark timing is one of the most critical tuning agents we have to maximize power.

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Flywheel Puller

Over the last two months we have discussed the ins and outs of ignition systems. Being able to service your ignition system is a critical step in being prepared in the shop. There are not many tools required to service the ignition system on 4- cycle racing engines, but this is one you can’t live without if you have any plans of doing your own engine work.

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Using a Timing Light

Most consider a timing light to be something that is only relevant to the engine builder. It is very relevant to any engine builder, but it can also be helpful to the average racer. It is one of those tools that you can get by without, but having one can make things easier for you.

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