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"Engine started bogging out of some (but not all) turns. Float height is correct, and I put a new needle in the bowl as the current one was a little …"

Posted in Animal/206 Engine Questions by karterken

"Have had a heck of a time getting my LO206 to run well. Checked valve lift and the exhaust is .255 and intake is .218, could this be my problem? I …"

Posted in Animal/206 Engine Questions by rickybobby138

Part number needed

Anyone got part number for robber/plastic vent that attaches to valve cover it is not in parts list.thanks Ron Forum: M Series/World Formula Questions

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LO206 crank/clutch spacer

I have an LO206 for use in NHRA competition. I am looking for the hardened steel spacer that goes between the crank radius and polar style clutch. I have one for for a Raptor style crank and tried …

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450 engine

Hello everybodyI'm new on this forum and my name is Yves.I have a B&S 450 lawnmower.For fun and pleasure, I try to give it a racing look. I don't want to raise power who's already enough, but …

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What size are the 4 threaded holes on the crankcase

I am trying to install a clutch guard on the lo206, but can't figure out the bolt size. Does anyone know the size of these threaded holes? Forum: Animal/206 Engine Questions

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LO206 Class at Pitt Race + Karting Open House

Pitt Race in Western PA will have an LO206 class this season with the first race weekend being a double. May 16th & 17th. Great .80 mile road course at a great facility.They will be hosting a …

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Air filters

As a new owner of a World Formula engine I would like to say thank you to Briggs and Stratton for making a great running low cost racing engine. I am racing in an outlaw dirt track kart and some …

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LO 206 in an 11.90 Jr.

Greetings all,I am new to the 206, but not to Jr. Dragsters. We will be competing in the 11.90 bracket in Southern California. I have a couple questions.1. What oil is best? I have a couple gallons …

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why does this keep happening? cracked shaft

New short block, 3 races on it. My last short block did this too but it.was replaced when we had a mishap with it. I know its been addressed in other posts but this is the second time. I took off the …

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Does Briggs and Stratton racing still make Blockzilla parts or engines? One other question I have is did Briggs and Stratton sell complete running Blockzilla engines or how far was a Blockzilla …

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Briggs racing please help, old animal engine

First off I want to say I am brand new to go karts, my roommate and I each just bought one after doing some research to race around with each other. The one I bought luckily enough came with a Briggs …

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Fuel Pump Part # Disparity???

Fuel Pump P# Disparity Question - Hoping someone clarify a fuel pump part # issue. Briggs rules state: Only fuel pump, B&S part number 808656 is legal for competition. This fuel pump can be …

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crankshaft end play

I just installed a new crankshaft and rod in my animal M series with the factory shims and new gaskets, it seems like it has a lot of end play. Any recommendations on how much is too much or what it …

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LO206 carb issue.

Engine started bogging out of some (but not all) turns. Float height is correct, and I put a new needle in the bowl as the current one was a little worn on the rubber cone. I was certain that was …

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