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"I had my last club race this last weekend and it was quite frustrating. I seemed way down on power compared to my competitors and had nothing for …"

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"Would like to invite everyone to our track in Marquette Michigan . It's a 1/4 mile blacktop track with 6 turns . We have been here for 18 years and …"

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Float drop

We've struggled all season with straightaway speed. If everything is clean and set properly (chassis, clutch, driver, etc.) what would be the result of my float drop being 1&1/8"??? Forum: …

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Shutting off after lifting for corner

I'm running an Animal on methanol and this issue has occurred in the last few faces. On our .6 mile Sprint track with 1000 ft straight, it pulls strongly all the way to 8100. After 3 laps or so, when …

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LO206 Race at Pitt Race

The LO206 class will be back racing again at Pitt Race in Western PA this weekend. .8 mile road course with great facilities. Easy access off PA Turnpike.Pre-register @ …

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Starter Motors

My team and I are competing in the 2016 Shell EcoMarathon. I am in charge of finding a starter motor that fits with the Jr 206 Engine. I am having a hard time finding specs of the starter for the …

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Electric starter

Hi - I recently have taken over for a SAE Supermileage team that uses the junior 206 motor. They previously purchased and installed an ecotrons EFI system, and an electric starter motor. I have been …

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Another new Briggs racer!

Just got a CRG, Briggs LO206 engine with a Mychron4 steering computer. Totally new to the sport, and I read alot here on engine preparation. So, sorry if I ask something that was already told and …

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Clutch issues

Tested my new kart for the first time today, LO206 with Inferno clutch. Never ride that type of kart, so I don't really know what is a good kart... However, when a hit throttle, clutch seems to slip …

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Would like to invite everyone to our track in Marquette Michigan . It's a 1/4 mile blacktop track with 6 turns . We have been here for 18 years and theLO 206 is the best thing that has happened to …

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Piston stop

Looking for a piston stop to get better valve lash? Forum: Animal/206 Engine Questions

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Tech tools and training

I am interested to find information on where a person can purchase a WF tech tool kit and who provides the proper training to become a "Certified" Briggs Tech? For starters specifically the World …

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LO206 Carb gas to alky conv.

What does it take to convert the stock Walbro carb over to Alcohol? I run this engine in a Jr Dragster. It is 100% stock and sealed per the NHRA rules. I will be switching from a blue slide (13.90 …

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LO206 Coil Options?/

The class i run does not have the rules like the Kart guys. My question is there a coil out there that will bolt up to my 206 that does not have a rev limiter on it? Forum: Animal/206 Engine Questions

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Briggs 3 hp Horizontal running without spark plug or carburetor.

Not a racing topic, but wanted to share a video of my 3 hp briggs running without a sparkplug or carburetor. Thought some of you may enjoy it. Forum: Miscellaneous/Other

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