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"Hi, I have two model 20 engines, both have the same model #204412 but the "type" is different. One is 0142e1 (black cover), the other 0156e2 (red …"

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"My standard issue Titan Premier Clutch has been overheating in the stock configuration using the Orange springs (4100/4300 RPM engagement) on a small …"

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LO206 Stumble at hit of throttle

We have a new lo206 with a shock wave clutch in a jr dragster. I am have the hardest time getting the idle to be consistent and right at the hit of the throttle we have a huge stumble. The only thing …

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Winter storage of LO206

please can you advise the best practices for storing a LO206 for the winter, including fuel stabilisation, fogging and oil change etcThanks Forum: Animal/206 Engine Questions

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PKRA Super Showdown Results

Here are the results from the Phoenix Kart Racing Association Super Showdown Nov 1 & 2. my opinion it was a huge success and featured only the …

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Briggs Local Option 206 - Jr Dragster

Just bought a chassis for my 6 year old. Im going to buy the LO206 for him to race in the NHRA events. When I buy the engine for $500, what else am I going to need in order to be within the rules? …

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M Series vs 206

I have a gentleman building a Quarter Midget, I stock the LO206 engines, is the Crank shorter on the MSeries engine vs the LO206? What other differences other than the Compression?TIATony Forum: …

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LO206 Valve Guide

I have a worn exhaust valve guide in my 206 which eventually lead to a broken exhaust valve spring. I ordered part# 555645 and the bore diameter in the guide is too small for the valve.Have I ordered …

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Animal/206 engine EGT and CHT readings

I am a newcomer to Animal/206 kart racing. I am setting up and maintaining a box stock Animal/206 with the gold restrictor plate for the Jr. Sportsman class.Fuel used is methanol. I have EGT and CHT …

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Throttle Cable Barrel End Size

What's the recommended throttle cable barrel\ball end size for my LO206. And should I use barrel or ball end or does it make a difference? Forum: Animal/206 Engine Questions

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New to karting, many LO206 questions

Hi everyone,I just got into karting late this summer when my local track (GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, NC) adopted the LO206 class. I purchased an Arrow chassis with an LO206 engine and just got …

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new product can take briggs engines to new level

Pindustries makes custom forged 4340 Chrome moly connecting rods(h type) for 60$ or 120$ a pair store w9689. These are MUCH stronger than ARC billet con rods allowing the …

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Carb problem

I am running the Lo206 in a JR dragster for the 6-7 yr old class . By spec I have to have the blue slide . The carb is running very rich . I also can't get it to idle right . One problem I think is …

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Engine "type" numbers, please explain

Hi, I have two model 20 engines, both have the same model #204412 but the "type" is different. One is 0142e1 (black cover), the other 0156e2 (red cover). Without opening the engines, is there a way …

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Fuel for world formula

Do you have any recommendations. I know 98 Ron octane and up is stated in the manual. But what about leaded or unleaded. Oxygenators or none. Any thing recommended to stay away from. Are there any …

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